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Viddler the video man

Posted in technology by Aditya Moorthy on June 28, 2007

There are umpteen sites out there which boasts of video hosting services, offering all kinds of interfaces and features to easily upload videos. So, I came across this new service Viddler. What’s so cool about it that one should use it?

  • The video can be embedded on a website or a blog entry. I couldn’t embed one myself as the button in the wordpress dashboard wouldn’t function properly. Still getting used to the new WordPress service.
  • The application has a really cool way of tagging the videos. It is completely flash driven and once can click on the timeline of the video and create tags based on specific video moments. This is one feature that I like very much as the tags can be highlighted when the video is playing and if tagged properly it can put the video content is perspective. Whoever thought about it deserves a pat in the back!
  • It lets you write comments on specific moments of the video and start a discussion in-turn.  This is very similar to the tagging feature but instead of tagging, the users can write comments and then reply on other’s comments. Another of my favourite.
  • One can record a video from the webcam and directly save it on viddler
  • And it has a nice search facility

I still think it has a long way to go before it can think of competing with application like YouTube. But I think applications such as these will eventually push for better services from bigger providers like Google and MSN

Go ahead and fiddle the viddle…


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