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9 course dinner at a Chinese wedding

Posted in life by Aditya Moorthy on July 2, 2007

I love cooking and I love food. Cooking and tasting food is very meditative for me. But all that passion was put to test in a wedding dinner that I attended yesterday. A colleague of mine got married (she is a Chinese Singaporean) and we (the rest from office) were all invited for the dinner yesterday night. There were at least 500 guests and the dinner tables were arranged for 10 persons at a table.

As I am a vegetarian, she made some special arrangement for me and that was indeed very nice of her and I guess I was the only vegetarian in the entire guest list. The evening kicked off with a some slide show presentation of the couple’s wedding pictures followed by an animation movie. It was about how they met and studied and partied together and finally how the guy proposed to her and how she accepted. It was nicely made and it was followed by a short video of the wedding day morning episodes.

In a Chinese wedding the groom is supposed to go to bride’s house with gifts and ask her hand in marriage. And he has to face all the tasks set by the bride’s maids who demand that he accomplish them before they let him inside the house to meet his bride. In this case the groom was asked to eat parts of the bread slice in a way that the left overs slices appear like alphabets and he apparently had to say that he loves her with bitten pieces of bread. I recon it was at about 4.00 AM. Tough job.

Anyway, the dinner started with appetiser, followed by soup and a whole host of different dishes most of which I had no idea. To top it all up the chef made all the vegetarian dishes to look and taste like the meat and fish that was offered for dinner. I am not a big fan of mock meat (apparently it is very popular in Singapore and else where in SE Asia) and I ended up eating only the vegetables in them. Although I did not eat much, I felt terribly full and was completely sapped out by the experience. I must say though I enjoyed most part of it. It was my first Chinese wedding attendance and thinking retrospectively, it was a good experience. I missed taking pictures of the food but next time I am going to remember it.


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