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What do I believe in?

Posted in life by Aditya Moorthy on July 4, 2007

I am blogging now immediately after my last post. I thought I would express myself hoping to see reason. What do I believe in and where do the weeds of doubt creep in. Or rather should I ask what should a person believe in, in order to be in peace with oneself. I list the following which in my perspective should be applicable for all humanity:

1. Be honest. It is not just about “telling or speaking” the truth. It is about being honest in ones thought, intention, action and in speech.

2. Be kind: It it not about compassion or pity. It is about kindness in thought, intention and action

3. Be inquisitive: It does not mean prying. It is the continuous pursuit of knowledge which can help a person be better than what they already are.

4. Be rational: It does not mean being unemotional. It is about chasing the ever elusive reason which sets you on the path of truth, and accepting and acknowledging the fact that there can be never be something that is known as absolute truth but never giving that presumption a chance for one to act in an emotional way.

5. Pursue knowledge: It does not mean only academic knowledge. It is about the knowledge that makes you understand the unknown. Chasing the unknown with reason and knowledge is what can be true justice for evolution. It is what nature expects.

6. Take a break: It is not about vacation. It is take oneself out of the above frame of mind to reflect one’s thoughts and actions and to determine if one is on the right path that does justice to humanity and nature and if required take corrective steps.

I believe I adhere to the above and I also believe that it applies to all of us. But still there is some element that escapes my understanding at this point that is causing my energy to drain totally.

Is it emotion…? I have never truly comprehended it… will I?


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