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A UI design mistake by Nokia?

Posted in technology by Aditya Moorthy on July 6, 2007

I have been using mobile phones for the last 10 odd years and have used a number of different phones and always found that Nokia’s software and its UI design to be spectacular, until now of course, as iPhone has been launched. Recently I got the Nokia E65 and I think it is a pretty decent productivity phone.

The one thing I find of late to be quite annoying is the way you lock the keypad. The phone automatically gives you the option to lock the keypad when you close the slider and you can choose yes or no. But if you fail to respond for a few seconds, the option disappears and the only way (that I know so far) to lock it is to click the power button on the top which gives you options to switch off the phone, lock the keypad or change your profile settings. The annoying thing is that the switch off option is the first and while you navigate to the second option to lock keypad if you press the middle button (the big select button) on the phone, it selects the first option and switches off the phone. I wonder why the designers did not consider the fact that most people hold the power button for a couple of seconds to switch off as that has become a common knowledge. Very few people look for option to switch off by pressing the power button once.

As the navigation buttons on the key are close to each other it is quite easy to make the mistake of choosing the middle button and bang the phone is shutdown. I would say that the option to lock the keypad should be first or somewhere in the middle after the profile options as most go to that menu to quickly change profile from loud to silent. The switch off option should have been the last.

Nokia, can you do something about it?


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