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Meet ego

Posted in life, musings by Aditya Moorthy on July 6, 2007

I was having coffee and chatting with a friend of mine when we hit upon a great browser toolbar application and we talked about how we can start a company together. I then quickly suggested that the name of the Internet domain to be the last name of mine and his. Immediately after I said that it struck me that I put my name first before his and not the other way around. Not that there was anything wrong but I was musing on the fact that how our thoughts revolve around us being in the center of everything we think and do. However minuscule the manifestation might be but the ego still persists. Some argue that a measured quantity of ego is in fact a necessary evil as otherwise we might lose our self-identity and respect which we owe ourselves, if we were to perceive everything while putting others first instead of us. Of course there are pros and cons to this argument but the problem is where the measured quantity stops. Who gets to decide how much minimum ego a person should have, beyond which it displays its ugly tentacles.

In any case, it was an interesting mind journey that I took musing about ego. By the way, he also pointed out that there is a German proverb which many use quite commonly in Germany and it goes like this – “Der Esel nennt sich immer zuerst”. It literally translated means that the donkeys always names itself first!

Tell me your view points on ego.


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