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Caught in the Google’s view of the web

Posted in life, musings, technology by Aditya Moorthy on July 17, 2007

The title borrowed from the statement made by a friend of mine. Well, the background is that my friend who made this statement is German and apparently he has been building a house for his family. Recently the roof of his house started to vibrate during heavy winds and later found that the concrete mixture used to build it was not correct and it had to be re-built. So he is moving out of the house now to live in a hotel for few days before the roof could be repaired. Obviously this is quite a discomfort given that he also has a toddler to take care of. To ease his position a bit, I told him that there is an Indian proverb (used in my native tongue) which effectively says that when you start a project and have numerous problems in the beginning, then the later part of the project life would be much as ease. This arises out of the belief that more problems you face in the beginning then more incorrect things are set right at the beginning itself, leading to a much smoother sailing later. Of course you can philosophically apply this to life itself. The more you struggle in the younger days, the middle and older days will be relatively at peace.

He asked me for the source of the proverb and a link on the Internet. I was searching for it and got a mail from him that he is looking at the Wikiquote for Indian Proverbs while I was doing the same thing. When I told him that I was doing the same thing, he came up with this comment that we are caught in the Google’s view of the web.

How true! For me increasingly the gateway to Internet has become Google. Even if I know the URL of a site, I sometimes type the keyword of the site on Google toolbar and then click the first link that props up, which invariably is the right link. Isn’t amazing that we have become so reliant on Google and potentially Google can skew our views just by being a gatekeeper of the Internet? Thank goodness that their motto is ‘do no evil’ or are they really sticking to it…


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