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New neighbourhood…

Posted in home@sg, life, society by Aditya Moorthy on July 20, 2007

I am moving into a new neighbourhood called Hougang. Since I came to Singapore, I have been living in the East Coast area which is most people’s envy. East Coast is self sufficient, it has the beach, a huge variety of cuisines, closer to the airport, great neighbourhood, good connection to the city via the East Coast Parkway highway, nice shopping malls and all the jazz that you look for in a neighbourhood. The only thing it is missing is access to the MRT which is the local train network for commuting and sort of a nerve center for Singapore. I love this place and I am sure I will miss its convenience.

The new place I am moving into is in North East of Singapore and locally it is known as the ‘ghost town’ as traditionally a lot of gang wars took place in this part of the country and the locals still don’t vote to the ruling government which practically has all the seats in the parliament. They seem to be fiercely independent and don’t want to succumb to the carrots dangled by the government. Anyway, the apartment is about ten minutes walk from the MRT station and located in a cozy place next to the Sungai Serangoon ‘river’. The term ‘river’ in Singapore is to be taken with caution as it is not fresh water flowing rivers as we normally associate the term with but back waters of Mallaca Straits. It is stagnant water and until recently it had a very famous foul smell which the residents were putting up with for several years. But now it is cleaned up and at least does not smell anymore. There is a jogging track along the river and a zillion HDB buildings everywhere. HDBs are government built housing complex which only Singapore citizens can buy and sold in a way that there is proportionate racial mix in each build complex.

The apartment we live in is an executive condominium which is an upgrade to the HDB flats but a level below regular condominiums. It is built by HDB and targeted at young wealthy professionals who would like to grow out of HDB lifestyle and move into a condominium infrastructure. This property comes with a swimming pool, a gymnasium and a tennis court. The neighbourhood boasts of nothing that I am used to in East Coast. There is just one shopping mall about 10 minutes walk from my building, next to the MRT. Traveling to the city is now much faster as I can take a train straight to Doby Ghaut, which is pretty much the shopping nerve center of Singapore. Other than these two, I haven’t see anything that appeals to me. Cycling should be good as the roads are wide but I fear that the traffic lights are going to play spoil sport when I am riding.

Overall it is not a bad place but not great either. My commuting time to office it cut down by half which is a major plus point for me but for my brother it still stays the same. I hope to see more of the brighter side in the days to come where I will be trying to re-adjust my lifestyle to this neighbourhood.

I hope not to write too much about the house as that was not the intent of this blog but a post once in a while, will not cause any harm I suppose.


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  1. idiot singaporean said, on August 1, 2007 at 9:14 pm

    hey, Executive condo is not built by HDB,…. by private developers but have some resale restrictions in the first 5 years.. other than that, everything else is the same and good value for that matter.

  2. Aditya Moorthy said, on August 6, 2007 at 10:51 am

    Thanks for your comments.

    I am not sure who actually builds it but the property as such belongs to HDB. You can visit this link to see that the details of buying EC is on HDB website.

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