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What is your take about the $100 laptop?

Posted in life, society, technology by Aditya Moorthy on July 24, 2007

The $100 laptop the brain child of Professor Negroponte (OLPC)is ready for mass production. It has come a long way since it was first proposed five years back. I have been sporadically reading about it in the news about the progress. At first when I heard about it, I felt it was a brilliant idea although I wondered why a $100 cap was put to it. The developing and under-developed countries suffer mostly because of lack of education and direction in life in general. Most people don’t have opportunities and worse don’t have opportunities to create opportunities. I know it sounds like a play of words but what I mean is that when a society is given the opportunity for the younger generation to educate themselves then they in-turn create more constructive opportunities for themselves and for others to improve their standard of living and more importantly reduce the violence which is so rampant in these parts of the world.

Professor Negroponte has a very holistic project on his table when he took upon the task of providing education and the laptop is only the means for it and not an end in itself. If the product is as usable as it is claimed then most NGOs and NPOs can come forward to fund its production and distribute them in the remote corners of the world to help children learn. The cost in itself then becomes immaterial since an organisation which supports this cause will surely come forward to fund it even it it going to cost a little more. Currently the cost is at $175 and they are trying to bring it down to $100.

I think it is a great project, what do you think about it?


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  2. wayan said, on July 24, 2007 at 10:54 pm

    As I’ve said often, I am a total fan-boy of the technology, I keep calling it “clock-stopping hot” because it is. I even developed OLPC News to track its daily progress.

    But as to Negroponte’s implementation plan, or lack there of… I just hope the program succeeds in spite of the many barriers.

  3. Aditya Moorthy said, on July 25, 2007 at 10:05 am

    Thanks for your comment Wayan. I have not been following the OLPC development very closely and can’t really comment if his (their) plan is a robust one or not. But I take your word for it as you are much deeper into it than I am. But I do sincerely hope that we can bring education (not laptop) to most (if not all) of the underprivileged children.

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