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Pownce invite finally arrived

Posted in technology by Aditya Moorthy on July 27, 2007

So, I finally get my Pownce invite and my initial reaction is – It’s pretty cool, much cooler than twitter. It is quite simple to use, I would say as simple as Twitter itself. There is no posting by phone or instant messaging which Twitter provides. Maybe it does as I have still not explored it. I like the organised interface. It is better than Twitter. It lets me change my theme for the blog site. The only negative point I see is that scrolling is not smooth as the background is kept static. I don’t know the rationale behind this. So does Twitter but somehow the scrolling is faster in Twitter. Maybe the culprit is the AJAX code (if at all it exists in Pownce). I haven’t explored that either.

Overall, I like it but I am not sure if I would be using both Twitter and Pownce, for that matter I am not sure if I would be using microblogging at all. Maybe while I am only my biking trip 🙂

Here’s my Pownce profile and Twitter’s, not that you are going to find something useful in it!


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