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How to make Coconut Rice?

Posted in home@sg by Aditya Moorthy on December 13, 2008

This Saturday started off well with getting up early and having a nice hot cup of coffee. I had to decide if I go out for lunch or make something at home. Mom came to the rescue. Few days back I bought grated coconut to make a particular type of coconut chutney and had some left overs of it in the fridge. So, she suggested that why don’t I make coconut rice and that’s it, I made up my mind to cook at home. Here is how I made it.


1. 100 grams of grated coconut or less depending on how much you like coconut
2. Urad dhal – half a table spoon. Click if you don’t know what Urad dhal is.
3. Channa Dhal – half a table spoon. This is a bit hard to explain in English but it is commonly available. It is split black chick peas with the skin of the black chick peas removed. You should be able to get this in any grocery store. Check the linked Wiki article to read about it.
4. 2 green chillies
5. Mustard seeds – half a tea spoon
6. Salt
7. Cooked rice


Use a wok and add couple of table spoons of oil. You can use sunflower or canola oil. Add the Urad, Channa Dhal, Mustard seeds, chillies cut in small pieces. Once it starts to heat up, the dhal will start to turn brown. Add the grated coconut now and saute it a bit. Don’t overdo it since the coconut can easily burn. Once it heats up, switch off the heat and add the rice to the mixture and mix it well. Add salt to taste and voilà the coconut rice is ready.

The coconut rice goes very well with fried potatoes. Cut them in small pieces and saute the potatoes until they are cooked. Add salt and chilli powder to taste and it is a great side dish to the rice. Enjoy! and if you like it, leave your comments.

Coconut Rice


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