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Borrowed a Tikit to Ride

Posted in Uncategorized by Aditya Moorthy on November 14, 2009

A housemate of mine recently bought a Bike Friday Tikit. He’s, what I would call not-a-keen-biker. But one ride in a foldie changed his perception completely. He was totally smitten by the comfortable ride and the compact folding of the bike. So much so, that he immediately went to a local Bike Friday dealer Diginexx and bought a tikit. And since then he’s been riding it pretty much daily (unless he’s got a date that evening ;-).

I for one have been riding my Trek 1200 SL for couple of years, mostly for recreation. I used to commute to work when I had a bike lodging place in China Town, Singapore but that was intermittent and it was never a convenient thing to do given that the work can sometimes extend the normal working hours. And then there was the Nature as a variable to contend with – rain, hot sun etc and of course, last but not least, the traffic. For an avid cyclist, these are of course a welcome thing to contend with, in some sense it is for me too. But sometimes it can become an annoying thing especially if you’d a long day.

I’ve been a bit suspicious of a foldie unlike @nat, who’s a big fan of the bikes. I refused to try one for a long time. Of course laziness counts a big part of it. But recently, my housemate had a minor surgery and he stopped riding till he’s healed. Now was my chance to take it out for a spin and test it out for myself if the foldie was living up to its reputation. First I tried a long distance ride, about a metric century in Malaysia. The ride went perfect except for my fitness.

Next I decided to take it to work. And I should say, the foldie passed with flying colours. Let’s see how:

– I take about 30-35 minutes by bus to work and I take 20-25 minutes by bike
– The roads are fairly flat which means, I exert less energy than if I were to climb up and down
– I cool down at office / home after my ride in about 15 minutes
– The bike stays right under my desk, so no need to lock it down or find a safe place
– A good exercise regime without specifically taking time off
– Friendly to the environment and if we scale this habit to more people, less traffic and pollution
– People appreciate and sometimes awed that someone is riding to work in this equatorial weather
– and several more…

I’ve been riding for about a week now and it’s been great. I’ll definitely recommend this to everyone. There are several foldable bike options in the market today. Hit the nearest store, do your research online, read @nat’s blog on parts, bike choices and reviews and get one and start riding.


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