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Fire in the Sky

Posted in photography, trans siberian, travel by Aditya Moorthy on March 27, 2010

When we booked the flight tickets to Vladivostok, we had to find a balance between a not so long flight and cost. Since it was around the Chinese New Year time, any flights via Korea, Japan or Hong Kong was impossible. It was prohibitively expensive. @nat as usual did his research and got tickets for us via Dubai. But we never imagined the strain the long flight was going to put us through. We flew from Singapore-Colombo-Dubai-Moscow-Vladivostok. It was nearly 24 hours of continuous flying. I ended up getting some sort of red spots all over my leg when I reached Vladivostok. But hey, everything turned out alright and I recovered in a day or so.

Dawn at Dubai, 12th February, 2010

This photo was taken at the Dubai airport while we were boarding the flight to Moscow. I love the colours the sky throws up at dawn and dusk.


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