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Stairway to Heaven

Posted in photography, trans siberian, travel by Aditya Moorthy on March 28, 2010

Before we left for Moscow, I read a number of articles on the Internet about the Moscow subway and how beautiful they are. I had high expectations and I was not disappointed. In many ways, the subway experience will remain in my memory for a long time to come. Although the Singapore subway is arguably one of the best in the world, I always found it to be kept that way with a lot of effort both by the companies operating it and the government with strict laws. I am not a proponent of rebellious behaviour but sometimes too much of shepherding can get to you after a while. Non stop announcements as to how we should report strange unattended baggage, how we should mind our step when we get out, in loud speakers can be quite annoying. Moscow has, what I call the people train system where you are responsible for your actions. There is no loud announcements as to how you should behave on the train, no warning signs that says not to cross the yellow line, but people automatically do the right things. They are of course not as clean as Singapore’s subway but I liked it the way it was because, the level of cleanliness was something that people maintained without being threatened with a huge fine for drinking water inside the train.

Very long escalator ride, Moscow, Russia, 22nd February 2010

The trains also run quite deep underground. I timed my escalator ride and it was a good 2 minutes before I got off the escalator at the other end. Most train stations are decorated with frescos, artifacts and chandeliers. They run every three minutes and the timing was perfect. Russian train system can give a stiff competition to Japanese trains with regard to punctuality. Below is the shot of a fresco at the entrance of a subway.

Moscow art with snow and a lovely couple, Moscow, Russia, 22nd February 2010

Click on these images to see the enlarged version.


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