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Pumpkin soup made easy

Posted in life by Aditya Moorthy on December 1, 2008

I tried my hand at pumpkin soup on Sunday and here is the way I did it in case you would like to try your hand at it.


1. Red pumpkin – half a big one or one small one – approximately 1 kilogram
2. 3 Onion – purple or white – depending on what you like. I like the purple ones
3. 3-4 red chillies – You can use the green ones but it affects the colour of the soup
4. 3-4 cloves of garlic
5. Cayenne pepper – in powder form – half a table spoon or depending on how spicy you like it
6. Salt
7. Corriander leaves
8. Coconut milk – 150 milliliters 


Remove the seeds of the pumpkin and the skin and cut them into small pieces – just so that it boils quickly. Boil the pumpkin chunks until they are soft. Cut the onions into small pieces. Keep it small so that they are not too chunky while eating the soup. Sautee the onions until they are golden brown. Don’t make it too brown as it will affect the colour of the soup.

Add the chillies, garlic, corriander and boiled pumpkin in a blender and make it into a nice paste. Pour this into the wok in which you sauteed the onions and let it simmer a little. Add salt and cayenne pepper to taste and keep stirring. Just before it begins to boil, add the coconut milk and let it simmer a little. Don’t keep it too long as the coconut milk will start to separate and will make it taste bad. After you add the coconut milk, do not boil more than 5 minutes.

Add some corriander leaves and ground black pepper to garnish. Voilà the pumpkin soup is ready.

Let me know if you tried it and leave your comments below. Would appreciate it much.

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