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Moving in adventure… almost I’d say

Posted in life by Aditya Moorthy on July 20, 2007

So, finally we moved all our stuff to the new house. The whole packing process was quite draining on me even though I did not do much work as such. I had to put my things in boxes and tape them around. The movers finally came in around noon yesterday and the speed in which they put all the stuff together, bubble wrap fragile stuff and put them all in the truck, was amazing.

They dropped all the boxes in the two extra bedrooms that we have in the new place. One bedroom was completely packed with no space to move around and some of the immediate necessity was put in the second room where we planned to sleep for the night. We had space just nice for the mattress and after shoving all the things in the other room including our bicycle, we finally managed to catch some sleep around midnight.

Yesterday, we copied the keys of the bedroom since we wanted to lock them up during the day so that the contractors can work during the day in rest of the house. The main door is locked with a padlock for which the contractors have the key so they can let themselves in and I wanted to make a copy so that I can enter and leave at will. My bother already has one. So, the adventure begins here. We copied two keys and came home around 10.00 PM and found that the main door padlock key that was duplicated was the wrong one. So we are still left with one key to the main door and that is with my brother. We decided that he will retain it and I will just take all my stuff in the morning and lock the bedrooms as all the things are in there and leave without locking the main door. A minor risk but given Singapore’s safety standards, we didn’t mind taking it.

I had a fitful sleep being new place and the air conditioner was blasting sub-zero air which kept me freezing most of the night. I woke up in the morning and I realised that I don’t have my toothbrush and shaving kit and they are locked up in some boxes which I have no idea of. I didn’t have any shower gel but luckily my brother had one and I managed to wash myself up. My clothes were crumpled in the shifting and I had to iron them. The iron box was buried deep in one of the boxes and I had to dig it out and iron the clothes in the morning.

Finally I managed to get out of the house and reach office albeit about 30 minutes late, unshaven, without my belt as I still don’t know where it is and hungry, had nothing for dinner except an ice cream. But all is well and I think it was a memorable experience as my new neighbour quipped when I was telling him how tiring it can be to move houses. The good thing about the new house which I am already enjoying is that my travel time has been reduced by 30 minutes one way, which means that I save about an hour each day traveling. So, more time available for running and biking which I hope begins today!


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